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Traditional Wat-Pho massage or nuat phaen boran "antique massage style", is one of the world's oldest healing methods.

Wat-Pho massage is more than 2,500 years old. Not only the body, but also the mind feels free afterwards. The Wat-Pho massage is part of the Thai medical and spiritual tradition. Those who visit the Wat Pho temple in the Thai capital Bangkok will find the remains of a school for traditional Thai medicine from the 18th century. The age-old tradition is still being continued in this temple. Although the massage was traditionally practiced by monks in Buddhist temples, the profession is no longer limited to the temple environment. The Wat-Pho massage is now practiced everywhere in Thailand, in massage schools, in hospitals, in hotels, on the beach.


The Wat-Pho massage is a fairly firm massage technique where the masseur massages on the energy pathways and perform stretch and stretch operations. The movements are often very similar to those of yoga and the focus is on pressure points that are very similar to those in Chinese medicine. The body of the massaged person is put in various yoga positions during a massage. That is why the Wat-Pho massage is sometimes called jokingly "yoga for lazy people". They work with knees and elbows and sometimes even with the full weight of the masseur or masseuse. The muscles are kneaded until the last bit of tension has disappeared. Limbs are stretched and stretched, the back bent to a smooth curvature. The massage aims to harmonize the body, to release blockages and to eliminate the energy lines. Starting at the feet and moving to the head, the client's body will be moved, loosened and stretched. The combination of energetic and physical aspects is unique to Thai massage.


This old massage is described as a gift for the body, the mind and the feeling. It is a way to prevent illness, a tool to solve blockades before they manifest psychologically or physically, and for increasing flexibility. During the Wat-Pho massage, comfortable clothing is worn and the massage is done on a firm mattress.

Chronic fatigue, back and neck complaints, headaches, stiff muscles and joints and poor blood flow can be remedied by Thai massage. It allows relaxation of the tissues skin, muscles, nerves and joints. It improves blood circulation, it fights stress and reduces depressive feelings. Let yourself be treated by one of our masseuses.


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